About Us

About Nurses Christian Fellowship Canada (NCFC)

NCFC exists to care for nurses! Opportunities are available in many communities across Canada for nurses to meet in small groups to study, fellowship, and pray together. Individual mentoring often takes place also.

Historical background

NCF was founded in 1932 when groups of Christian nursing students and graduates began meeting for prayer and Bible study in nursing residential schools across Canada. In 1942, NCF became part of the ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. NCFC is a vibrant ministry seeking to bring the transforming love of Jesus Christ to the nursing profession in Canada. There are approximately 427,000 nurses currently in practice across Canada, many of whom espouse Christian faith. However, the stressful realities of the workplace within a secular health care system has resulted in many nurses feeling isolated and alone.

NCFC was registered as a Federal Not-For-Profit Corporation in June 2011. In 2012 July, NCFC became a Canadian registered charity.

Nurses Christian Fellowship Canada Today

Today, provincial and national continuing education events allow nurses, nursing students and nursing faculty to learn how to integrate their Christian worldview with their nursing practice and links are often made with useful resources for further study.

NCFC is a member country of  Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI).

Join NCFC as a member and automatically you will be a member of NCF International.

Pray that NCFC will continue to influence nursing from within as Christian nurses demonstrate to fellow colleagues, faculty and students God’s love, grace and ethical values in a hurting world.


Organizational Structure

The National Committee for Nurses Christian Fellowship Canada is comprised of:

the Board of Directors for NCFC, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the 13 Provincial/Territorial Chairs.

Each Provincial/Territorial Chair reports regularly to the President (or Vice-President in the absence of the President).

The Board of Directors meets regularly.  The National Committee meets annually.

At the National Committee Meeting, reports from the BOD, Provincial Chairs and Honorary Advisor for NCFI, are shared and evaluated.

At the Annual General Meeting, Annual Financial Statement is presented and approved, the annual budget is prepared for the upcoming year.

Annual strategic planning for NCFC is the responsibility of the National Committee for NCFC.

Board of Directors

Directors:  Jacoba Antwi, Lii Baxter, Fronica Yiu