Volunteer Opportunities


NCF Canada exhibits at Job Fairs

Each year, NCF Canada is invited to participate in job fairs across the country – to network with nurses and provide spiritual care resources to nurses who are pending for employment. For further information about how to become involved, please contact .


Regional Committees

There are always opportunities to learn more about NCF Canada by becoming an associate and fellowship small groups. Please contact the regional chair in your area (link to contact us list) to find out more about these opportunities to serve.


Small Group Gathering Facilitators

As NCF Canada expands across Canada, there will be an increased need for facilitators who will co-ordinate the organization and implemenation of small groups in many local communities. If you have a desire to see nurses encouraged, inspired and supported in your community and are willing to host or facilitate the start of a group in your area, please contact NCFC President, Judith Fanaken at .

Short-term Mission Opportunities for Christian Nurses:
Listed below is a number of organizations that nurses may contact in order to inquire about short-term or global mission opportunities.



Web site: www.sim.ca


EMAS Canada



MATE/FCC (Mission for Advancing Theological Education/Friends Committed to Caring)

Web site: www.matefcc.org


Mobilization for Interserve Canada

Mobilization for Interserve Canada is a mission that sends professional people into the hard places of the world. It started over 150 years ago & is formerly known as the Bible & Medical Missionary Fellowship (BMMF). The sending footprint is specifically to the 10/40 window.

E-mail: dm@interservecanada.org

Lance Schubert (Director of Mobilization for Interserve Canada)

Web site: www.interservecanada.org